Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Weeknd: Beauty Behind The Madness

Some contributers of wrote this about the song "Losers":

“Losers” serves as the second track of The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind the Madness as a duet between him and British singer Labrinth. Abel dropped out of highschool at 17, along with his friend Lamar Taylor to pursue music. Even though The Weeknd and Labrinth use the same lyrics in their verses (Labrinth isn’t a high school dropout) – they represent The Weeknd & Lamar making the bold decision to leave and chase their dreams. Throughout the song, they take turns reflecting on their wisdom as they reminiscing about their ambitions and careers.

Response from another user:
Pretty sure these lyrics have nothing to do with love or dropping out of high school. To put it simply; he’s saying only losers allow others to dictate how they should or shouldn’t live their lives. Losers allow themselves to be “schooled” (or taught) right from wrong, how to behave, what to believe, how to feel, etc by people who are ultimately no more qualified to make these decisions for them than they are. There’s no real proof to substantiate that any particular way of “moving” through life is better or worse than another. No “test tube” experiments can challenge or even quantify what Abel already knows in his heart or the moves he’s chosen to make. But our society only truly loves the “stupid” losers who follow blindly and do as they’re told.

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